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These pics were taken with 2 different cell phones. The shaft of light is seen in all three pics. What do you think it is?

First cell phone











This is YOUR spot for YOUR evidence or questions!

If you have pictures, video, evp's, or other evidence and would like a second opinion...

YES, we will look at it!

Shadow Patrol will look at your evidence and give you our thoughts on it. We may be able to help understand it, debunk it, or confirm it. 

If you have questions concerning ghost hunting or the paranormal in general....ASK! We will answer!

Send your evidence or questions to:

[email protected]

Nothing will be posted without your consent.

We also give credit to the owner of the pics...It is thier evidence not ours!

If we post your picture it will be on this page and on our sister site SPPI Ghost-Hunters on Facebook. There are 5000 insights and opinions from respected para investigation groups and psychics on Facebook. There are also experts and skeptics (There are always negative opinions too).

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