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Shadow Patrol Paranormal Investigations

NRhonda Short

President, Public Relations,

Agent, Case Manager


Janet Rife


Vice President, Sensitive,

Investigator Management



Jill Hall


Secretery/Treasurer, Lead Investigator,

Investigator Management


We have 10 investigators that are background checked and are upstanding people in the community. Each are picked for their skills in investigating and compassion for the homeowner.

Our investigators are over 18 yrs of age, respectable, and knowledgable. We believe in ethics, honesty, privacy and integrity. Members must follow SPPI guidelines for their personal safety and the safety of fellow members. Members will respect land, housing, and personal property of given investigations and home owners.

Cindy Rudrow - Control Table, Investigator

Gary Barrett - Investigator, Religious Perspective

Nick Ardizone - Security, Investigator, Debunking

Brian Shrack - Investigator, Debunking

Jodi Barrett - Control Table, Investigator, Egyptology

Hope Vanskyock - Investigator, Sensitive

Brittney Flick - Lead Investigator, Research

Each of our private para-investigators bring something unique to the hunt, such as, insight, in-depth research, psychic ability, professionalism and curiousity.

Joanne Brown (England) - Psychic/Medium

Joanne is one of the best young mediums in her field. She is also with GGUK2004 and has achieved awesome results. She is a distance investigator for SPPI.


Our members go on non residential ghost hunts with us and are taught how to investigate. They also attend our meetings and are included in the research and review of investigations. They help with the public ghost hunts of the Gray Hotel and Pioneer Cemetery.

We also have junior members who are learning to use the equipment and learning to be professional.  These kids are taken on "safe" investigations and not permitted on private para investigations....If you are under 18 and would like to join the Jr Ghost Hunters feel free to contact us! You must have parental consent.

Our members also are included in upcoming events such as paranormal conventions, ghost tours, and things that we can go to as a group or individually. They have helped host the Meet and Greet as well.

If you would like to be a Shadow Patrol Paranomal Investigations member contact us. It is necessary that you live in the region for this.

To be a member of this site, please register at our members area. Fill out the profile and answer our questionairre. This will open up several pages within our site as well. Welcome to Shadow Patrol!

To be a local member contact us at [email protected]

or call 765-578-0730

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