Shadow Patrol Paranormal Investigations

Strange Sightings? Bumps in the Night? Got Ghosts? CALL US!!


Frequently asked questions

  1. Do you charge a fee?

    We charge for travel starting at $25.

  2. How quickly do I get my results?

    Our members are have full time jobs. We like to be thorough in our review of evidence. We get the report to the home owner as quickly as possible. We normally set a 2 week turnaround.

  3. Can I ask friends over to watch you work?

    No. If it is a home or business we are investigating we allow the owner or manager/caretaker to view our work. We do not allow an audience. We have alot of technical equipment and sensitive equipment. People that are not part of our team will contaminate evidence and give false results.
  4. Can I specify a minimum number of investigators to be in my home or business?

    Yes. You may ask for a minimum amount of investigators. It is your home! The minimum is three investigators.
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