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Entities in the High Spirits Cafe

Posted by Rhonda on November 15, 2011 at 5:55 PM Comments comments (0)

One of my investigators spent the night in the High Spirits Cafe...the coffee and internet shop in the old Gray Hotel. She was not ghost hunting but should have been. She felt a heavy presence on her chest and had a hard time breathing. Then the female entity treated her to singing and mumbled conversation... So tonight we set up cameras and recorders. I do think this is a new one named Charlotte or her companion Violet. The ladies are attached to a piano that we brought into the Cafe.

Inside the Trenches

Posted by Rhonda on July 18, 2011 at 4:33 PM Comments comments (0)

I was a guest on Inside the Trenches today. It was a blast!! I hope they call me again for an interview. If you want to listen to the show or any other show they have on...go to: They have a lot of fun and it is informative as well.

Group Wars

Posted by Rhonda on February 10, 2011 at 10:51 AM Comments comments (0) This link is to a story about back biting in the paranormal business. There are so many groups out there. All of them claim to be researching or documenting. Some are there for the adrenaline rush. Some are doing harm. I would say for the most part the groups are true to what they do. Investigate.

But these groups that are doing harm, well, now, that is ghost of a different color. It's not only the unethical behavior in doing thier research...such as trespassing, faking results, and/or stealing results. It's also the unethical things they do to promote themselves.

I am very strict with SPPI. I have adopted the phrase "When in doubt...throw it out." (Ghost Hunter's)The results we get cannot be gotten by force. We do not use ouiji boards or any other "calling" device. We do not provoke. If the spirit is willing we will communicate. If I feel that the evidence can be supported by earthly means, then it's not used...debunked. We do not look to other groups for evidence. We have shared with other groups. Credit is given where credit is due and have seen it not returned.

It's sad to see groups that are ruthless in thier advancement. They only take and do not give. They will go to the lengths of sabotage to waylay another group. They will set up false investigations. Pretend to be homeowners in distress and call in a legit group to see how they work. To steal the evidence or fake it. To go to the extent of putting people in a legit group to act as a mole. HELLO? We are not the mob, FBI, or inner city gangs!

These groups also promote thier fake psychics...Not to do psychic readings but to act on recorded video as if they are able to communicate or see spirits. Why? To promote themselves to substanciate false evidence.

These groups eventually will burn out. They will be found out and shut down. But until then...keep your eyes open and do background checks.

IF you keep your integrity you will go far. Stay honest, be ethical, do no harm and only support the good....

What are your views?


Near Death Experience

Posted by Rhonda on May 12, 2010 at 1:08 PM Comments comments (1)

Ok here is a Hmmmm Lemme Think About That item.

I have been reading about near death experiences in a book called Evidence of the Afterlife. This has realllllly made me think. Dr. Jeffrey Long has researched it quite extensively and there is a research site called NDERF.ORG where thousands of people have told of thier NDE.

Which brings me to the questions of:

     Why are ghosts here?

     What happened to them that they did not go into the light?

So if you are in a car go into the light and are told to return...but your body is gone...what then. Does that mean you are a reluctant ghost?

Is it fear of what is in the light that keeps them from going in?

Most of the NDE's describe being drawn into the light. Then returned in a rushed manner beyond thier control...after being told it is not thier time. Some were told they had work yet to finish. Most talk of dead relatives talking to them and giving them direction...mainly to return. Some talk of angels.

Others were given a choice to return to thier body and live - or continue into the light and cross over.

I know some that have not crossed into the light because they are attached to a worldly item (like a dresser, picture, necklace) or person. But if that person dies quickly and is lost (becomes a ghost), what happens to the entity attached to them? Do they become trapped?

How can an entity trap another entity? oops that is subject for a different discussion.

Of course this opens up the theology aspect as well. If you didn't go into the light (to GOD), were you destined for hell? None of the NDE's in this book talk of hell. It does talk of other people around the world with these same NDE's but different religions.

What are your views on this subject?

Do you have one person in your group that seems to get the best evidence?

Posted by Rhonda on March 31, 2010 at 2:26 PM Comments comments (3)

I have found that some people are getting better pics and evp's than the rest of the group.....Why do you think this is? Is it due to the brand of camera or recorder? Is it due to psychic ability?

What is your opinion.....

What is your favorite piece of equipment?

Posted by Rhonda on March 31, 2010 at 2:22 PM Comments comments (1)

What do you get the best evidence with? What brand is it? What documented evidence have you gotten with it?

What do you or your group do to maintain respect within the community?

Posted by Rhonda on March 31, 2010 at 2:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Do you have bake sales? lol can you imagine the questions you would get while trying to make change?

Do you have "Meet the Investigators" meetings where the public can come in and ask you questions and see what you do?

Do you give to charities?


Basically...How do you establish and keep the level of respectability?

Let's talk....Give me your opinion and tell me what you do....

Orbs - What are they and how do YOU classify them?

Posted by Rhonda on March 31, 2010 at 1:29 PM Comments comments (3)

I believe orbs are several different things. I have seen them evolve with opening up psychic ability and ghost magnetism. I have seen them as dust and rain or moisture.

In the past year I have realized that in the past I never took an orb picture. I never took an ectomist picture. I started ghost hunting and opening up my mind and attempting to communicate and WHOA do I take orb pics! As Jill, Nancy, Julie, Hope, and Janet are opening up thier mind and thier conciousness they are getting some AWSOME pics and EVP's. They are making thier way to being able to communicate and understand what is wanted of them and by them. Getting orbs is a first step.

I pay attention to the area that the pics with orbs are taken in. If there is rain, snow, or mist...throw them out, they are compromised. If the is a ton of dust...look at the texture and brightness, as well as if there are other "things" in the pic.It can go either way...I generally say they are comprimised as well...throw them out.

We (Jill mosty) has documented energy orbs. This is where one or two orbs are present, then ten or fifteen, and progress as the pics are taken till there is an apparition or ecto mist. In our pics we have seen this happen and documented it. The orbs come first, the entity is drawing them to it. When enough orbs or energy is there it will transform. If necessary the entity will drain cameras or other battery operated items to gain the energy to appear. I believe a spirit is in the form of the orb as well. It having a color cast and cellular texture.

Capturing a transformation from orb to ectomist is done by taking several pictures in the same quickly as the camera will allow. Don't waste time looking at a pic...TAKE ANOTHER.  You have time to look later....spirits don't wait for you and they are quick.

I know that everyone has thier opinion of orbs and what they are. We are all entitled to that opinion and this is mine.


Co Founder

Shadow Patrol


Posted by Rhonda on December 14, 2009 at 12:11 AM Comments comments (0)

What is the scariest moment you have had with the paranormal?


Posted by Rhonda on December 14, 2009 at 12:09 AM Comments comments (0)

How do you handle your fear while on an investigation?